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Mechanical Engineering



Civil Engineering



Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Eligibility for Ph.D. Admission:

1. Mechanical Engineering

Field of Specialization

Minimum Qualification

Manufacturing Engineering:

  • Metal Matrix composites, Natural Fibre composites, Polymer composites, Nano Materials / Nano Composites
  • Tool Design, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Modeling and Simulation, CAD/CAM, CNC
  • Product Design and Manufacturing, Lifecycle Management, Inventory and Supply Chains Management, Management of Operations, Maintenance Management.
  • Thermal and Fluid Engineering: Convective and Radiative Heat Transfer
  • Design of Thermal Equipment and Systems, Numerical Techniques
  • Modeling and Analysis, combustion and Flames, Fuel injection, Petrol and Diesel Engines, CFD.

Design Engineering :

  • Stress Analysis, Fatigue and Fracture, Fracture Mechanics
  • FEM, Tribology Design of Elements and Systems
  • Optimization, CAD
  • Vibrations

ME/M.Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Industrial Engineering/ Metallurgical Engineering, /Automobile Engineering/ Applied Mechanics Engineering / Engineering Materials Technology

2. Civil Engineering

Field of Specialization

Minimum Qualification

General Civil Engineering

  • Application of Bio mimicry in civil Engineering,
  • Environmentally responsible infrastructure development,
  • Sustainable /green building technologies, materials and climate specific building design. Embodied Energy & life cycle assessment.

Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geo environmental Engineering, Geosynthetics
  • Experimental Mechanics

Water Resources Engineering :

  • Open Channel Flows and Pipe networks
  • Surface and Ground Water Hydrology
  • Reservoir planning and regulation, Hydrologic simulation applications,
  • Urban hydrology & drainage systems
  • Utilization of Remote sensing & GIS techniques.

Environmental Engineering :

  • Solid waste treatment, recycling and management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment,
  • Air pollution monitoring, modeling and control
  • Waste Water treatment and recycling

Structural Engineering:

  • Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis
  • RC and Pre-Stressed Concrete, Masonry Structures
  • Structural Safety and Structural Health Monitoring
  • Retrofitting of RC Structures and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Techniques

Transportation Engineering :

  • Modeling and Optimization of Transportation Systems
  • Travel Behavior, Public Transport and Non-Motorized
  • Transport Planning and Management, Accident and Black Spot Studies
  • Highway Engineering

M.E./M.Tech. in Transportation Engineering / Highway Engineering / Structural / Concrete Technology / Construction Management / Geo-technical Engineering / Water Resources / Environmental Engineering /Remote sensing & GIS / Public Health Engineering or equivalent Degree

3. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Field of Specialization

Minimum Qualification

Power Systems

· HVDC Transmission Systems

· Distributed Generation

· Smart Grid

· Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systems

Power Electronics & Drives

· Power Quality

· Switched Mode Power Supplies

· Power Electronics for Renewable Energy

· Induction Motor Drive System

High Voltage Engineering

· Insulation Engineering

· Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics for HV Power Apparatus

· EHV Power Transmission

· Lightning Protection

· Computational Electromagnetics

· Composites for High Voltage applications

Robotics & Automation

  • Sensing
  • Controls

· Signal/Image Processing

· Machine Learning

· Medical Robotics

Micro & Nano Systems

· Bio Electronics


M.E./M.Tech. in Power Systems / Power Electronics / Power & Energy Systems / Electrical Energy Systems /Electrical Machines / Computer Applications in Industrial Drives / Control Systems / Control and Instrumentation /VILSI & Embedded Systems / or equivalent degree in

Coordinator Details

Dr. Raji George
Professor and Head
Department of Mechanical Engineering
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,
MSRIT Post, MSR Nagar, Bangalore-560054
Email: hod_me@msrit.edu, rgeorge@msrit.edu
Mob: 09845318047
Landline No: 080-23600822 Ext: 325

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