/  Chief Executive

Sri. S. M. Acharya

Chief Executive, Gokula Education Foundation

Sri S. Mahavir Acharya is the Chief Executive of Gokula Education Foundation (GEF). He did his Master of Arts in Economics during 1988-1989 from Victoria University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and Political Science from Hong Kong University. He also holds a Diploma in Advanced Chinese Language.

Sri S. Mahavir Acharya is a Retired Senior Civil servant (I.A.S.), Strategic Planner, Corporate Lecturer, Computational Forecaster, Negotiator, Solution Finder, Compliance Auditor and Marketer.

Sri Acharya has a varied Professional Experience both at Central and State Government level. In his long distinguished career, he has occupied several important posts, to name a few - Secretary (ESW) in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Urban Affairs, Chairman and Managing Director of Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited, Joint Secretary in Union Ministry of Commerce, Commissioner of Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority, Chairman of Command Area in Upper Krishna Valley Project.

Sri Acharya is result oriented and has 35 years of experience in Training, Development, Solution hunting and providing, Writing, Editing and Corporate Communication. He is skilled in analyzing existing operations and for devising implementing strategies, processes and technologies to improve productivity and efficiencies.

Sri Acharya is an expert in facilitating change in a workforce to further organizational, operational, financial and quality objectives. He has a keen sense of men and matters with an uncanny HR aptitude. He is fluent in many languages and has excellent communication skills. He is charismatic and has inspirational management style. Under his guidance and leadership, MSRIT is destined to achieve further glory.