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Sri. M. R. Ramaiah

Secretary, Gokula Education Foundation
Director, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Sri M.R. Ramaiah is the Secretary of Gokula Education Foundation (GEF). He is an illustrious son-in-law of Dr. M.S. Ramaiah, a legendary philanthropist and educationist of Karnataka. Born in 1946 Sri M.R. Ramaiah had his education in Bangalore city.

He is the Director of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology and M.S. Ramaiah Polytechnic. He is also a Director of Valdel Corporation. Earlier, he was the Managing Director of Brindavan Alloy (P) Ltd.

From an young age, Sri M.R. Ramaiah associated himself with all the activities of Dr. M.S. Ramaiah. The rich experience that he had in the execution of the construction projects of Ramaiah Group gave him deep insights into complex issues involved in the management of large projects, dealing with people and interfacing with Government agencies. With this background, Sri M.R. Ramaiah is providing valuable guidance in the administration of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology and M.S. Ramaiah Polytechnic and other institutes being administered by GEF.

Sri M.R. Ramaiah is a deeply religious person. He is closely associated with all the activities of Kaiwara Kshetra, a centre for Religious activities located around 60 kms away from Bangalore, with Dr. M.R. Jayaram as Dharmadhikari. As the Secretary of GEF, Sri M.R. Ramaiah is involved in all the activities of the Foundation and is providing valuable support to Dr. M.R. Jayaram, Hon’ble Chairman of GEF in his efforts to steer all the institutes under GEF on a path of continual improvement. Under his dynamic leadership, MSRIT is consolidating its position as a leading technology institute of international reputation.