Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP)

Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) is a programme jointly undertaken by Government of India, State Government and the Institutions concerned for systematic transformation of India’s technical education system to make it globally competitive. Government of India has launched this as a long term programme for 10-12 years to be in 2 or 3 phases.

TEQIP was conceived in pursuance of the National Policy on Education (1986-1992) with a goal to upscale and improve quality of technical education and enhance existing capacities of institutions to become dynamic, demand driven, quality conscious, efficient and forward looking, responsive to rapid economic and technological developments occurring both at national and international levels.

TEQIP started a reform process in 127 Institutions. Our college is one of the nine Karnataka institutions selected for TEQIP-II to carry out quality improvement activities for five years (2011-2016).

Objectives and Achievements of TEQIP Phase-II

  • Strengthening institutions to produce high quality engineers for better employability.
  • Scaling up Postgraduate Education, Demand Driven Research & Development and Innovation.
  • Establishing Centres of Excellence (CoE) focused on applicable research.
  • Training of Faculty for effective teaching
  • Enhancing institutional and system management effectiveness.
  • A total of 147 workshops/FDPs/Seminars/Symposia/Winter-schools/ and Pre-Conference workshops have been organized under TEQIP-II.
  • A total of 229 faculty have been deputed for various TEQIP-II related events.

To continue the development activities initiated through TEQIP-I, a sequel project was planned as Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Phase - II (TEQIP-II). The project duration is for four years (2010-2014) and it has been extended up to 2016. Considering the effective implementation of TEQIP-I, MSRIT was selected under TEQIP-II for scaling up Postgraduate Education and Demand Driven Research & Development and Innovations. MSRIT is one of the 19 colleges in the country selected for TEQIP-II under sub component 1.2 and was granted as sum of Rs.5.00 crores. Various academic programmes are being implemented by MSRIT to fulfill the objectives of TEQIP-II

Programme Coordinator

Dr. N. V. R. Naidu,
Programme Co-ordinator, TEQIP
Ramaiah Institution of Technology