Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), MSRIT, is a platform for MSRIT students which is dedicated to the development of multidimensional skills. EDC serves as a forum to bring together the heterogeneous culture of students from various disciplines.

EDC invites various eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures in order to educate students about the joys and hardships of entrepreneurship. Guest lectures, workshops, case studies and group discussions are conducted throughout the year to involve students in activities that are essential to be an entrepreneur.

ED-Cell also actively incubates start-up ideas by creating the required ecosystem to be an entrepreneur.


CATCE is an abstract view of the Finishing School Concept of AICTE. Under this banner not only is the training related to leadership & entrepreneurship provided, but it also focuses on the training required for MSRIT students related to their academic and industry requirement. The main objective is to enable students to be involved in lifelong learning (Continuing Education).


To provide and sustain entrepreneurial activities to foster startup culture and strive to implement environmental, social and economic solutions.


  • To generate new and innovative ideas.
  • To organize entrepreneurial Conclaves/Ideathon/Hackthon/Competitions.
  • To convert innovative ideas into tangible products and solutions.
  • To encourage start-ups and its ecosystem.

Core Values

  • To identify creative students and inspire them with an innovative ecosystem which provides professional and ethical inputs to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • To enable students to follow the path of enterprise with commitment to service.
Proposed Industrial Research, Consultancy and Service Center (IRCSC-MSRIT) A section 25 company of MSRIT, Bangalore – 54


Dr. Prabha Ravi

Associate Professor

Department of Medical Electronics Engineering

EDC-CATCE Coordinator


Highlights of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

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EDC RIT EVENTS(March-2018 to March-2019)




Activities Performed

Short Description



(9th-10th May,2018)

To organise a project exhibition for final year students to promote their conceptual ideas to leading decision

makers in the industry.

The students showcased their technical knowledge and innovative ideas for technical development. This high level technical event displayed the hardware, software and fabricated projects of final year undergraduate students from various engineering disciplines under one roof.

All the projects displayed were showing some social usefulness which can help the society in one or the other way. There were around 155 exhibits from different departments.


Unlock Bengaluru

(21st July,2018)

To promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ideas among youngsters.

The event included a Mobility-walk-through where a select set of enterprises and a panel discussion on “Bengaluru moving forward.

WRI India invited EDC to an annual event “Unlock Bangalore”


Booked Up CEO,Mr. Chirag Kashyap addressed students

(6th Sept,2018)

To share his successful entrepreneurial journey with the students.

Session included the path and the journey he followed to finally achieve his entrepreneurial dream

Mr. Chirag Kashyap , CEO of ‘Open my book’ gave mantras and successful lessons that an entrepreneur should follow to become a successful entrepreneur.


Induction Session by Mr. Gaurav Singh

(22nd Sept,2018)

To spread entrepreneurial motivation, authenticity, empathy and strategic formulation to the freshers of MSRIT.

.Mr. Gaurav Singh is a shared his successful entrepreneurial journey.

He talked about entrepreneurship and its key features from different aspects


Workshop on digital marketing

(22nd Oct,2018)

To tactics that can help entrepreneurs to connect with customers online, reach mobile consumers and track consumer interactions.

Ruhan, Co-Founder and Chief marketing head of ‘My Climber’ was invited to speak about his successful entrepreneurial journey using digital marketing.

Importance and role of digital marketing for successful entrepreneurship.


CII Young Leaders Seminar

To spread new ideas of innovation.

Teams from different companies participated in it and pitched their innovative ideas.

Renowned companies such as samsung, Phillips etc, displayed their innovative ideas through presentations and prototypes.


EDC collaborates with Finance club seminar

(17th Oct,2018)

To explain how finance plays an integral role in entrepreneurship.

EDC members explained all the three types of company registrations and what affects stock market.

How entrepreneurship and finance go parallely were discussed.


Red Bull Basement university seminar

(17th Oct,2018)

To promote competitions that deal with small problems that exist in the college campus.

Students would have to come up with a solution for it. It begins with a voting round and judging round.

Details about the competition was elaborated.


Gyandhan Higher Studies Seminar

(30th Nov,2018)

To encourage and let people know about the different ways and procedures that the students should follow in order to pursue higher studies.

Eminent speakers and experts came and talked about the ways and procedures to be followed.

The seminar was conducted for the students who want to pursue higher studies after their graduation.



(27th Feb-2nd March,2019)

To spread awareness about entrepreneurship and start-ups to the students and public in general entrepreneurship.

Several technical and non-technical events were organised by the members of EDC-RIT.

It consists of inter and intra college events, educational movies screenings, leadership and motivational talks by successful entrepreneurs and panel discussions.






Mr. DivyanshLohia

Mr. YashBhartia

The team is committed to build revolutionary products with a single vision of transforming the sales management in India.


The team has  built 'Saledrive'​ - The simplest sales team tracking compliance for enterprises.  They currently work from Bangalore (IN) and want to create a supportive and collaborative environment, so that they can learn, build and grow together and move the world forward.    




Mr. MohitShrivastava

Mr. LakshyaThareja

They are building an interest -based, social network where we can discovered and be heard by like minded people in a non judgemental way.


It gives freedom to post on social media without social anxiety or the fear of backlash.


Mr. Suraj Singh

Mr. Sumit Kumar

A technology driven startup which aims to provide modular electric bicycle conversion kits. The kit can be mounted on any bicycle and convert it into a smart bicycle that aims to improve lives of thousands of people.

Listen To News

Mr Bhanu Krishna

Mr Krishna was unable to catch up to latest news and stories from around the world due to his busy schedule. He thought of developing a mobile application which read to him news and articles depending on his lifestyle and needs. The product aptly named ‘listen to news’ can help people from all background update themselves with current affairs.

366 The Brewing Company

Mr A Vishnupati

Mr Koushik Mallesh

Ms Parmita Narang

‘366 The brewing Company’ aims to introduce craft sodas to the Indian market. They have already launched their root beer product to the market and currently working to introduce new products.


Mr Yogesh Suresh

H.O.P.E - Hitech OMR Pen for Exams - is a pen product that will help students writing entrance exams save time. In a competitive world where the race is on for students writing entrance exams, this product aims to save over 10 minutes in a single exam by filling the OMR sheet answer bubbles in one go instead of wasting time colouring it. This is achieved by the pen using dual functionality i.e. it writes from the front end, and stamps the bubbles from the rear end. The idea is to cater to students across the country, solve a problem in the education industry, and tap in to huge market available through our product H.O.P.E.

GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr. Gowrav L

Mr. A B Sachin Anchan

Mr. Anil Kumar M

GeekSynergy aims to provide cutting edge innovative products that are meaningful and strives to surpass the expectation of customers. We aim to educate our customers and deliver the products that helps them. The founders of GeekSynergy are innovators with experience in Research and Development, with good track records in research publishing and patenting. GeekSynergy was born as a result of long term relationship and commitment of founders who believe in using technology to serve mankind. Products:Airpaper: Digital data distribution platform using Radio FirstLight: A mechanical inverter.


Mr. Sonu Singh

Mr. Abhijith K G

Mr. Chetan S Naik

Yantrak is a technology start-up aspiring to fulfil design and technical needs of individuals, companies, and other uprising startups in various fields. The team at Yantrak believe in innovative ideas and products that have the potential to change the industries and ultimately the lives of people. It is incubated at M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore under Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). At Yantrak there are personnel from Mechanical, electronics and computer science engineering, who share the same vision. They believe in interdisciplinary approach to the problem in hand and everybody at Yantrak shares the same vision of building products that are smart, durable, and productive. Yantrak has been working towards this goal since its inception in 2012. Services provided, 1. Engineering Consultancy 2. Product Development 3. 3d part design (mechanical as well as 3D printing design) 4. Embedded system and electronic design 5. Prototyping 6. Design solutions Accomplishments: 1. Durga-Yantrak Safety Alarm. 2. Helmet Detection System. 3. 3D Designing.


Mr. Manoj Kumar Kalaivanan

Mr. Vignesh Subramanyam

Mr. Jayanth Veerandra

Ms. Ranjini Prabhu

Mr.Vishnu Tenkayala

CreatHives, an incubated company at Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been able to connect to various investors and grant agencies. It all began in 2011, when a bunch of theatre enthusiasts from Ramaiah college were asked to put up a performance for the Bangalore Mirror Amateur Theatre Festival. When they showcased their act, 86, based on the Sri Lankan civil war, they left their judge in tears. It was on that day, TEA Arts, a creative arts society was formed. From enacting scripts that were close to their heart to mentoring nearly 150 artists who have gone on to break ground in the arenas of performing and digital arts gave them immense motivation. TEA Arts pioneered The Bangalore Theatre League the same year and has gone on to host two consecutive leagues thereafter. Simultaneously, TEA Arts, has been chosen to host performance campaigns for The Times of India, Bangalore Mirror, Fortis Hospitals, The Wedding Filmer, Dream-ADream and CRY among a spectrum of other media, profit, and not for profit. With this expansive and interesting experience in their portfolio, they now endeavour to scale the activities of TEA Arts both to reach a wider audience pan India as well as include a wider range of existing and upcoming creative arts into its scale. Their vision is detailed, scalable and born out of hands on experience in the field. At this juncture, there is the inevitable hurdle of bringing focus within the arts segment given the imbalance between the market requirement and what the artists have to offer.It's a great new web application that enables networking between artists and vendors in need of artists such as NGOs, Corporate sectors, other commercial set-ups, etc. CreatHives is an initiative that brings to focus, the imbalance between the market requirement and what the artists have to offer. We, at CreatHives, cater to both ends of a creative collaboration, finding the right artist for creative needs and the artist finding the right kind of work. Now you can meet other artists, trainers, vendors, and network all you want with just a few clicks.

@DCOM - Marketing and Advertising

Mr. Niraj Agarwalla

Mr. Nirvana Dogra

Mr. Pratush Maheshwari

@Dcom is a startup that institutionalized innovative methods of advertising offline. We work to embark a new era of promotion and are very stern with our belief of eradicating pamphlets as means of promoting. We collaborate with people at a grass root level to bring out the most effective form of advertising amongst the youth of the nation. We provide a range of ingenious ways of advertising. By choosing from our methodologies you will be able to advertise on every page printed by a student. Check out some of our advertisement methodologies!! 1. Advertise using a QR. 2. Advertise using a logo of your company. 3. Advertise using watermark of your company. The company can choose any or all of these options for advertisement.