The broad objective of the centre shall be to provide opportunity to SC/ST students in the Institutes to reorient themselves in the light of emerging employment opportunities. The centre will work towards enhancing the skills of candidates with help of modules on communication, personality development and proficiency in English language. It will boost the confidence of students and provide them with better career opportunities so that their employability in the industry increases. It is to empower the SC and ST students by providing special skill trainings apart from regular study.


The centre will:

  • Organize Orientation programmes to enhance proficiency in English language, improve communication skills, both written and verbal and focus on personality development.
  • Organize lectures by inviting eminent personalities and academics, at regular intervals to update the technical knowledge of the students.
  • Organize personality development workshops/competitions among students, to test the degree of their learning
  • The centre shall devise a feed-back mechanism to assess the importance of the program.


Dr Madhu Bhan

Name: Dr. Madhu Bhan

Designation: Coordinator

Qualification: Ph. D

Responsibilities: Overall In-Charge



for AICTE sponsored
Skill and Personality Development Program Centre for SC/ST Students (SPDC)
SL No. Name Designation and Department Role
1 Dr. N.V.R. Naidu Principal, RIT Chairperson
2 Dr. Madhu Bhan Asst. Prof, Dept of MCA Member Secretary
3 Dr. H.K Yogish Professor, Dept of ISE Member
4 Dr. Raji George Professor & Head, Dept of Mechanical Engg. Member
5 Dr. T. Mohanasundaram Assoc. Prof, Dept of MBA Member


  1. 3-Day workshop on" Communication Skills" held on 6th,13th and 20th Jan 2023.
  2. 2-Day workshop on" Cracking Campus Placements-Group Discussion and Interviews" on 12th and 13th of Aug 2022.
  3. Campus Placement Training Program under NEAT Portal (from June 2022)
  4. Webinar on Resume Building on 11th December 2021
  5. 3-Day Training Program on Soft Skills conducted on 25th, 26th and 27th of March 2021.
  6. 2-Day Training Program on Communication Enhancement conducted on 12th and 13th of March 2021
  7. Conducted a Webinar on "MS Excel for Career Excellence" on 02nd Jan 2021
  8. Conducted a Webinar on "Personality Development on 05th Dec 2020
  9. Conducted a Webinar on "English Communication" on 21st Nov 2020
  10. Conducted a Webinar on "Blockchain Technology" on 24th Oct 2020
  11. Conducted a three-day Webinar on “Soft Skills and Aptitude” from 10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020


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  • Webinar on Soft Skills & Aptitude
  • Webinar on blockchain technology
  • Webinar on english communication
  • Webinar on personality development
  • Webinar on ms excel for career excellence
  • Workshop on cracking campus placements - 2022
  • Workshop on Communication - 2023
  • Workshop on cracking campus placements - 2022
  • Workshop on cracking campus placements - 2022
  • Workshop on cracking campus placements - 2022
  • Workshop on Communication Skills - 2023
  • Workshop on Communication Skills - 2023
  • Workshop on Communication Skills - 2023